Resistance, Resilience, and Recovery: Patient Care in a Pandemic


Dr. Dallas Peak has completed advanced training offered through the Institute for Functional Medicine specific to COVID-19.

This first-of-its kind course explored clinical principles to reduce patient vulnerability to developing severe infection during the pandemic, increase resistance to infection, improve resilience to the more injurious consequences of infection, and optimize recovery from infection and its long term consequences. In the form of a clinical algorithm, the course provided protocols on what specific interventions to recommend for which patients and at what point in the course of illness. This unique algorithm included a framework for dietary and lifestyle treatments, managing comorbidities that influence risk, and therapeutic approaches to nutraceutical, botanical, and pharmaceutical interventions.

Highlights from the course include:

  • Lab testing – where and when
  • What makes people vulnerable from a systems biology perspective
  • Lifestyle factors and the impact of implicit bias
  • Viral mechanisms of action
  • Mechanisms of action of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, and nutraceuticals
  • A comprehensive approach to addressing the post-infectious phase
  • Case studies and group visit model
  • Novel tools to use with patients

He continues to monitor developments as emerging evidence for treatment recommendations and various other interventions becomes available.

If you or someone you know has issues related to post-COVID syndrome, please reach out to us. This is an area where the Functional Medicine approach has much to offer. See more on our Facebook post.

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