Drs. Dallas and Pamela Peak
Drs. Dallas and Pamela Peak

Indiana Center for Functional Medicine

There are two Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioners in Indianapolis, Indiana to help caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients modify or reverse the disease…

and help prevent Alzheimer’s from developing in the caregiver. 



“New research is suggesting that lifestyle adjustments might help to lessen the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The findings are hinting that treating the degenerative brain disease might be more achievable than we thought.

Two kinds of bugs feature in this issue of Discover as well: One type lives in our homes, another in our bodies. Scientists say we should be a little more lenient towards one of them — we’ll leave you to figure out which.

Finally, writer Adam Hadhazy takes on the quest for a paradoxical object: A magnet with only one pole. It flies in the face of what most of us know about magnets, but solving the mystery could help physicists finally flesh out their theory of everything.”

“Subjective cognitive decline (SCD), or self-perceived worsening of cognitive function in the absence of objective cognitive deficits, has attracted significant scientific attention for decades, because this phenomenon might reflect the earliest signs of an emerging neurodegenerative disease.1 “

Maybe brain symptoms continue, despite online researching.  Could be a conventional doctor already checked you and said it is depression or stress. 

Concerns for your brain’s health can be investigated more deeply.  You have reached the right place for a thorough evaluation, through functional medicine testing, to look for factors that affect thinking and cognition.  Subtle thyroid disorders, nutrient deficiencies, and occult infections can contribute to brain function decline.

  • Prevent and Reverse symptoms of cognitive decline
  • Private Consultations outside of the Insurance Industry.
  • Look Deeper for the root cause of your symptoms
  • Customized, actionable Alzheimer's and pre-dementia Functional Medicine treatment protocols


Caregivers to an Alzheimer patient are at higher risk of dementia themselves.

Professionals fear “losing their edge” at work.  Some might feel that their memory is worsening.  Some are afraid they could lose an executive position because they are forgetting people or having trouble calculating.  Or can’t come up with the right words in time.  Cognitive impairment can also manifest as having a hard time leading a meeting or project.

Maybe a colleague is wondering about your job performance.  Perhaps you are afraid you might not pass blood or memory tests for an insurance exam.

Your cognitive function is paramount.  Don’t let it slip away without an in-depth analysis for underlying causes that could be reversed.

Dr. Dale Bredesen's Alzheimer Treatment Protocol is available now in Indianapolis.

ReCODE Protocol™

As a Qualified ReCODE Report™ Practitioner, Dr. Peak will work with you to customize your treatment plan, by using cutting-edge testing that reveals your unique needs.  The Bredesen Protocol™ will allow you to modify your Epigenetic and exposure factors that influence gene expression and brain function.

An actionable plan to modify the course of the rest of your life.

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0th Leading
Cause of death in the US
0 in 3 Seniors
dies with Dementia
$0 each
Per patient in 2018
0 million
Unpaid Caregivers
Indianapolis, Indiana


Located on the South Side of Indianapolis, Indiana.  

West of  US 31 on County Line Road, in Marion County.

Airports:  Indianapolis International Airport & the Indy South Greenwood Airport (ICAO: KHFY, FAA LID: HFY) (previously Greenwood Municipal Airport)

Our address is 1250 E. County Line Road, Suite 4A, Indianapolis, IN 46227. We are on the next entrance/driveway west of Community Hospital South’s traffic-light entrance. 

The 1250 Building is a red brick building with white trim and gable roofline.

Building Entrance “B” is in the south alcove, under the Large Weeping Willow Tree.

Come inside Entrance B, and immediately look to the right to find the door to Peak Health LLC ™.

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