Private Consultations for professionals and executives experiencing:

“Brain Fog” or “Trouble Thinking” or ” brain just won’t work anymore”

Fatigue, needing more energy, or depending on caffeine drinks to stay productive

Wondering if your thyroid or hormones aren’t optimally working for you

Unable to Focus or Concentrate at work/Feeling like “losing my edge” at work

Having difficulty leading a meeting or managing a project

Trouble with finding the right words or trouble with calculating

Hard time learning new things or remembering new things

Irritability, mood swings, or anxiety… don’t seem like “myself”

Gut uproar with bloating, gas, pain, changes in bowels, possibly food reactions



Private Consultations, Outside of the Insurance Industry

Personalized Genomic Interpretation

Individualized Diet Recommendation

Thyroid Evaluation

Actionable Plan for Stress Reduction

Advanced Metabolic and Adrenal Testing

Treat Without Prescription Drugs

2 Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioners

2 IFM-Trained Practitioners (IFMCP)

Optimize Health Before Insurance Applications

Health Coach Referrals

Dietitian Referrals