IntellxxDNA ™ Packages

We proudly offer the IntellxxDNA ™ genomic reports to assist you in deciding what is most important on your health journey.


Certainly, gut health and detox and inflammation are cornerstones of functional medicine, but where do you begin?  Is there a way to help determine priorities for a lifelong health journey?  Because your DNA will always be a part of you, it will always influence your health, and in turn, it will be influenced by your choices going forward.

DNA is not our destiny, but DNA provides important clues that empower us to change our destiny.  For example, consider what you might do differently, if you knew you had deletions of genes that produce enzymes that neutralize toxins…  Perhaps it would then become important to avoid pesticides (eat organic) and eat certain foods (phytonutrients) that upregulate other detox pathways to help make up for the lost enzyme function.

We used to think in terms of “one gene, one disease”, when specific genetic variations were initially found to cause diseases in the 20th century.  However, now we know that many conditions are associated with more than 1 gene,  and that gene expression & function are affected by environmental exposures and lifestyle choices.

A family history of Alzheimer’s disease frequently is associated with the “Alzheimer’s gene” called ApoE4.  A single copy of this gene raises the risk of getting Alzheimer’s by 320%, and 2 copies almost 1500%.  There are many other genes that convey increased risk of Alzheimer’s, though, such as TREM2 (290% for 1 copy), TOMM40 (279% for 1 copy) and APOC1 (also 279% for 1 copy, if in the presence of an ApoE4).  These other genes are part of the reason why Alzheimer’s can occur in people without the ApoE4 gene.

IntellxxDNA ™ provides the power of clinically relevant and actionable genomic information.  The report you receive will be easy to understand, with each of your genetic variations, and a red, yellow, or green color coding  gives you a bird’s eye view of where to focus your lifestyle changes.  A brief description of each gene’s function is also included



The IntellxxDNA ™ genomics reports are available in separate or combined configurations.  There is a Brain Optimization Report, a Medical Overview Report, or a Combined Premium Report:

The Brain Optimization Report addresses modifiable causes of cognitive symptoms. In addition to the well-known APOE ε4 variant, there are numerous genetic changes that contribute to cognition and memory. Gene variations highlighted in this report relate to pathways of inflammation, amyloid clearance, hormones, nutritional factors, detoxification and more. There are hundreds of genetic variations analyzed for this report,  with potential interventions for each, giving you the personalized framework to engage  a cognitive impairment reversal protocol that is unique to you.  There are 24 individual panels (or metabolic pathways) in this report.

The Medical Overview Report focuses on common medical issues affecting  health and quality of life. There are 20 individual panels (or metabolic pathways) in this report,  including information on heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, anesthesia tolerance, thyroid, homocysteine/methylation, detox, histamine intolerance and food sensitivity, vitamin D and B12, and many other pathways. There are over 250 SNPs (genetic variants)  analyzed.

The Combined Premium Report brings both of the above reports together, to comprehensively address your genomic variations for body and mind with 35 panels/metabolic pathways in this powerful report.



IntellxxDNA ™  is a Clinical Decision Support Software Company; it provides a genetic analysis service (available only to qualified health care providers).  IntellxxDNA™ is not a lab and does not perform laboratory services.