You can initiate The Bredesen Protocol™ Alzheimer treatment protocol at home

You can start The Bredesen Protocol™ Alzheimer treatment protocol at home

(Without going to a doctor)


Are you a caregiver wanting to figure out how to start treating your parent/relative with Alzheimer’s?  Perhaps you have ApoE4 and want to prevent cognitive decline.

Have you heard about the results using Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE protocol? Patient results have been published (1)—his protocol “not only achieved the reversal of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease and pre-Alzheimer’s that no one thought possible; it also allowed patients to sustain that improvement”.

You can do much of the protocol at home, before even seeing a doctor.

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book, called The End of Alzheimer’s; The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, explains each part of the protocol.   He writes that the book is:

“…a guidebook by which the 75 million Americans who carry the ApoE4 gene can escape the fate written in their DNA”.


The book first explains the reasons that Alzheimer’s occurs, and why Amyloid buildup is actually a protective response by the brain, to three main types of insults (inflammation, loss of biochemical & nutrient support for brain cells, and toxic exposures).  This has profound implications for evaluating/treating Alzheimer’s patients as well as for folks experiencing subtle cognitive symptoms, SCI, and MCI.


The protocol addresses all of these subtypes of Alzheimer’s, and also explains that many actually have combinations of these three. The testing that is done helps to determine which subtypes you have to address more intensely. Much of that testing can be obtained from independent labs; they have online websites to place the order from, and a local lab service facility to get the blood drawn at.

One source of this Direct-To-Consumer testing in Indianapolis is, and they have multiple locations around Central Indiana.  Nationwide online options also exist, you may order many of the specified labs from Direct Labs  or Quest Direct,  or WellnessFX as well. Just set up your account online and order online, obtain the Lab Requisition, and go to their nearest blood draw location.  No Doctor’s order required.  The list of critical and some optional tests advised is in the book on pages 167 – 169.

Once you figure out which Bredesen sub-type(s) of Alzheimer’s you are addressing, the ReCODE Protocol™ kicks in. For each abnormality identified, the goal is not just to have a “normal” value, rather an “optimal” level is preferred, much like treating your body like a formula one race car… average/usual function isn’t good enough. Each aspect of that car must be maximized/optimized for best performance possible. This is what the protocol aims for.  It’s not just about taking supplements (which is similar to putting additives into the super-fuel you use).  Our patients enjoy a discounted pricing system, though, when ReCODE ™ supplements are needed, when ordered via our link, with our discount code LOOKDEEPER.   LifeSeasons-PeakHealthLLC





The earlier you start, the better your chance for COMPLETE REVERSAL of brain symptoms.



Here are the basics, listed in overview form.

  • Lower Homocysteine to less than 6.
  • Insulin Resistance has to end.
  • Diet: “Ketoflex 12/3” (includes supplements & biotics)
  • Exercise: both aerobic exercise and weight training
  • Optimize sleep (much more than just sleep apnea here)
  • Decrease your reactivity to stressors (stress management)
  • Brain Train: use an App like “Brain HQ” (do Hawkeye & Double Decision)
  • End your inflammation sources & use anti-inflammatory supplements.
  • Surprisingly, you must heal your gut (intestines matter)
  • Optimize hormone balance (male, female, thyroid, adrenal)
  • Proper balance of metals (copper, zinc, lead, mercury, etc.)
  • Clear the toxins: detoxification from environmental/medical/ingested.

There you have it, the protocol summary from 10,000 feet. There is a lot here. It may seem daunting, but everyone starts with the first step. Pick one that interests you–one you think you could do, and start there. Each success sets you up for the next!



Bredesen DE. Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program. Aging (Albany NY). 2014; 6:707-17. doi: 10.18632/aging.100690.



Dr. Pamela Peak


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